Pubs of London: Richmond

Having spent many afternoons, evenings, days and weekends in and around Richmond (including many of it’s pubs) I thought that it was only right to do a write up of those that I have been to. I did conduct a little extra research with some friends – we were very thorough in checking them out and below you will find a quick synopsis of many of the common drinking places in Richmond. I have sorted the locations into the following categories:

Richmond High Street (near to the station),

Richmond Green (a street away from the station and a 5 minute walk),

and the Richmond Foreshore (about a 10 minute walk from the station).

Red Cow

This pub is on the other side of the railway to the high street and makes for a much more local and quieter pub. A great place to go if you want to have a few drinks with friends and have a chat where you can easily hear each other. The staff behind the bar are also friendly.

Lovely shot of us early in the night

Richmond High Street

Orange Tree

This pub is a favourite as a meeting point for a night out as it is close to the station and a big enough pub for us to continually sprawl out over further tables and spaces as more people arrive. Also a great pub to spend a Sunday afternoon if you want to watch lots of men holding babies…

The Sun Inn

This bar in Richmond is on a street behind the high street and has a lovely secret outdoor garden around the side that makes for a perfect little hide-away summer drinking spot. Perfect location for a few beers with some good company.

outdoor seating area

So Bar

This is one of the few cocktail bars in Richmond. Dark, limited seating and slightly pretencious making this the perfect combination for a spot to have zingy cocktails and be packed and still drawing a crowd. Go here for drinks and laughs rather than meaningful conversation time.

The Old Ship

We ended up in this pub one night when attempting a pub crawl and never moved on from it. I think that about explains this place. This is the place you go to and never want to leave as you will make new friends, will have many laughs and with all the boards and games scattered around the pub will have a great time. Do check this place out when it’s packed on a weekend night for a great time and don’t be afraid to talk to some strangers and make some new friends as you won’t regret it!

Richmond Green

The Princes Head

This is one of the many pubs located around Richmond Green. A great place to order a pint from and to take over to the green to enjoy in the sunshine with good company.

The Cricketers

This pub is next-door to the Princes head but is smaller in size and outdoor seating, however there is still the option to take a pint over to the green if it gets too crowded in the pub during the summer months. The Cricketers also seem to have introduce a range of flavoured liquors for the summer – the rum with strawberry and lime it to die for and I highly recommend it as your new favourite summer drink as I feel it will likely become my Richmond drink of choice this summer.

Celebratory end of year drinks

Richmond Foreshore

The White Cross

This is the go to pub when people talk of having drinks by the river in Richmond. The pub and it’s outdoor garden have limited seating however I often have seen and been a part of the crowd standing outside the pub with a drink on a sunny evening. You can also walk over to the grass and benches along the river front if standing is not you cup of tea. The staff at the bar are efficient and can be friendly if not swamped by a constant stream of customers. You must stop at this pub at least once to complete you Richmond pub experience!

The Slug and Lettuce

This is one place which I can say do not bother with. The staff under poured my drink, service was lacking and the overall feel of the place was dark, cheap and uninviting. Give it a miss and go to any other pub along the river for a much more enjoyable experience.

Cocktail umbrella in my hair says what type of drunk you need to be to go here...
Cocktail umbrella in my hair says what type of drunk you need to be to go here…

Pitcher and Piano

The view from the outdoor seating area at this pub is amazing for sunsets over the river in Richmond. A must do if you are around the foreshore at that time. The food here however is not amazing and worthy of being passed on. The drinks are alright but not priced as anything special being part of a chain of pubs.


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